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why you should join the family

calm assurance

Parenting can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it on your own.

vision & direction

You know what you want your family to feel like. We can help you get there.

solutions you can trust

Evidence-based answers for all your parenting predicaments. 

Somewhere, amidst the tantrums, fights over the Xbox, and dragging your kids out of bed for school, you’ve thought “there’s got to be a better way to parenting than this”.

And you’re absolutely right.

The challenge is that happy families and great parenting don’t just happen.

Some families, after years of painful trial and error, finally stumble across a delicate balance that threatens to fall apart at any moment. Some families never even make it that far. And some families, led by parents determined to find that better way, leave no stone unturned. They read all the books, watch countless videos, scribble down reams of notes… all to help themselves grow as parents, and help their family grow with them.

I know this feeling well, as I went through the same “growing pains” searching for greater connectedness, happiness, and joy with my family.

Since you’re on this page, you’re likely a parent prepared to make the same effort for your own happier family.

So, I invite you to join the Happy Families Membership. Sure, you’ll find answers to the parade of new problems that pop up every week. And in the membership, you’ll discover tools that help you build stronger relationships with your partner and children.

But perhaps most importantly, joining will give you the confidence to grow as a person and a parent…
a parent who’s part of a happy family.

I hope to talk to you inside.

- Dr Justin Coulson, PhD

parent membership features

lighten the load

Even the most patient and compassionate parents can lose their cool when it comes to raising children. When you become a member, you’ll receive short, easy-to-do tips every week to help ease some of your parental pressures. 

Here are just some of the topics we cover:
• Raising resilient kid
• Creating deeper connections
• How to discipline without yelling, threats or bribes.

video library

Access Dr Justin’s growing collection of videos anytime, anywhere for practical advice and simple tools so you can confidently navigate parenting at every age and stage.

He talks about a broad
range of topics including:
• Dealing with challenging behaviour
• How to raise a resilient child
• Practical ways to become a happier family

live webinars

Join Dr Justin’s popular webinars that dive into topical parenting issues and common family struggles (you get this in your membership, but everyone else pays $30/ticket).

The topics vary from month to month.

book club

Pour yourself a cuppa and join us for a chat! Every month, Dr Justin takes the group through one of his best-selling books, chapter by chapter, to give you a fresh look and new ideas around a different parenting or family challenge.

kylie's corner

Get printables, videos, tips, and tricks from Mrs Happy Families that will help you apply positive parenting in your home.

as a premium member, you’ll also enjoy…

Q&A sessions

Sit down with Dr Justin LIVE once a month to ask him about all of your parenting quandaries, and listen in on what other parents are grappling with (and how to handle it).


family night

Turn off the TV and focus on your family for a night. Use these conversation starters and learning resources to explore values and principles that will lead to a happy, successful life for everyone. New units are added twice monthly.

family spotlight

Once a month, Dr Justin holds a fireside chat with one family. The recording of this session is uploaded to the library, so you can watch it whenever you like. You’ll also have the opportunity to volunteer for the spotlight, with one new family selected each month.

pricing options




Lighten the Load

Video Library

Live Webinars

Kylie's Corner

Book Club


*3 month minimum





Lighten the Load

Video Library

Live Webinars

Kylie's Corner

Book Club


 Q&A Sessions

Family Night

Family Spotlight

Online Programs


*3 month minimum


meet Dr Justin Coulson

Struggling with his own family relationships, Justin returned to full time study in his late twenties where he earned first class honours and a subsequent PhD in Psychology so that he could learn how to be a better husband and father. Now the focus of his life is his family AND helping other families flourish – in that order.


"I would highly recommend Dr Justin Coulson's teachings to every parent, educator, and professional working with young people to build better relationships and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges our young people face on a daily basis. "

Renee Chopping

"Justin is totally invested in his beliefs, values, products, and his desire to help parents be the best they can be! This man really does care!"

Nat Beveridge

"Dr Coulson’s parenting approach really resonates with me and his simple steps are easy to follow, creating a happy home! Thanks for your guidance Justin!"

Debbie Day

"Dr Coulson’s parenting approach really resonates with me, and his simple steps are easy to follow and helped us create a happy home! Thanks for your guidance, Justin!"

Kylie Bevan

"Justin is a wonderful presenter / life coach who has discussed several challenging areas. Just keep doing what you’re doing! You’ve got the equation right!"

Alina Miranda

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