about happy families

Dr Justin Coulson, PhD

Dr Justin Coulson writes and speaks about parenting and family – because nothing matters more.

Struggling with his own family relationships, Justin returned to full time study in his late twenties where he earned first class honours and a subsequent PhD in Psychology so that he could learn how to be a better husband and father. Now the focus of his life is his family AND helping other families flourish – in that order.

Kylie Coulson

(Also known as Mrs Happy Families)

Mum life is hard work, messy and downright exhausting, but nothing brings more joy to Kylie’s life than the little glimpses of togetherness that flit in and out of her days as she navigates life in a busy household with many moving parts.

Her open, down-to-earth approach to mothering is something that has grown organically as Kylie has waded through her fair share of heartache, hardship and ‘mother guilt’. She has learnt to embrace the chaos and overtime, even relish it, as she finds meaning in the little and often mundane details of family life.

Though her credentials, are minimal she worked in early childhood education before her own children were born and has relied heavily on what she learnt during that time to aid her in growing her own children.

Kylie is excited to share this parenting journey with you.

meet our dedicated team

Caroline Martel


Caroline is an established sales and relationship manager whose inspiration is making a difference – big or small - in people’s lives.  This is why she loves being part of the Happy Families team, making an impact on people’s lives through better relationships and parenting skills. 

Evelynne Hatchard


Possessing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design and a diploma in Graphic Design, Evelynne loves to combine those skills with her innate passion for social and emotional education. This makes Evelynne a perfect fit for Happy Families, where her primary role is content creation and communication.

Elizabeth Hawthorne


Elizabeth’s career has always been centred around family and relationships, and this has fortunately led her to the Happy Families team. Her expert organisation skills keep the team ticking along like clockwork, and she is happy to help you with all of your enquiries.