School Membership Features

Parent Membership 

Your entire school community will have access to the Happy Families Parent Membership. Enjoy benefits such as 

  • Receiving weekly tips
  • An access to Dr Justin Coulson’s ever-growing video library
  • Priority invitations to his live webinars
  • Positive parenting tools
  • Offers and discounts from our trusted partners

Live Masterclasses

Attend one LIVE Educator’s Masterclass per term, where you and your team can rediscover topics that range from teacher wellbeing to classroom behaviour management.

Classroom creations

Download printable resources to beautify your classroom and teach wellbeing at the same time.

Masterclass Library

Access the entire video library of past Educator Masterclasses anytime, anywhere.


Upgrade to Premium


With the Premium School Membership, you'll also receive...

Parents Premium

Your entire school community will have access to the Parent PREMIUM Membership, where you get to enjoy listening to Dr Justin Coulsons’s new and exclusive parenting podcast and a chance to have a fireside chat with Dr Justin Coulson himself.

Student Content

Receive 8 pieces of content including a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan, worksheets, and YouTube clips to teach wellbeing in the classroom to any age group.

Live Q&A

Join Dr Justin Coulson’s LIVE Q&A session per term


Samaya Lane

Methodist Ladies' College | Burwood

We have had the pleasure of working with Justin for nearly 6 months now, and there is no limit to his insightful offerings. Justin has a way of explaining how the minds of young people act/react and how we can support them with our own language to become more resilient healthy beings. Sometimes, his suggestions are challenging, yet he doesn't shy away from them but wants people to grit it out, ask questions, and experiment with them.